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Welcome to Schuchinsk!! 21 January 2012

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About Schuchinsk   

Many people think that Kazakhstan is the southern country and there are only deserts and steppes, and there is no snow. But it is not true. 
Schuchinsk is a small resort town in northern Kazakhstan in Akmola Province situated in a picturesque location among the many forests on the shores of Lake Schuchye. The name "Schuchinsk" comes from the fish «schuka» (from Russian - "pike-fish"). Schuchinsk population is about 50,000 people. Height above sea level is 450 meters. 
Unique natural conditions: the combination of mountains, pine forests and lakes make this region a well-known health resort. Long snowy winters provide an excellent opportunity to practice ski sports.
Schuchinsk famous for its rich tradition of skiing. Here began their career, world-famous skiers Vladimir Smirnov (Smirre), Vladimir Sakhnov. Here began his career as a coach for cross country skiing A. Wierietielny, who prepared an Olympic champion Justyna Kowalczyk. Today skiers from Schuchinsk N.Chebotko, E. Koshevoy, E. Velichko, D. Volotka are part of the country’s national team successfully performing in international competitions. 
The town regularly hosts major Republican competitions - Kazakhstan Championships, many children's competitions in skiing and biathlon. Schuchinsk is the perfect venue for training camps for Kazakhstan skiers and also skiers from neighboring regions of Russia.

World Snow Day in Schuchinsk is funny children's contests and games on skis for the very young and exciting race for children a bit older, seriously involved in ski racing and much more!

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